A Laser lighthouse guiding a ship

26 Jun 2014

We’re still making preparations to release the new Snap4Arduino version, which has been delayed mainly because we’ve been busy finishing up the preparations for this year’s TecnoEstiu. In the last post we showed a proof of concept in which two Arduinos communicated via Morse by means of a laser and a photoresistor.

Still, children are more demanding than this, so we needed a story to tell. We’ve decided to go traditional, setting up a sea full of rocks through which a ship has to be guided by a lighthouse to reach the shore safe and sound, all this done via Morse.

Here’s Jose assembling it all:


And here’s the final result: six emitter-receiver assembled pairs. All supports have been designed by Joan and 3D-printed here at Citilab.

Finished devices

If you want to see what the activity looks like, here’s a short video showing it in action:

We’re not publishing the code yet, as it won’t work in the current Snap4Arduino public release, but as soon as the new version is out we’ll be releasing the code for this activity as well.