Seniors can code too!

22 Apr 2015

This year, at the Citilab, we have committed to get all of our interest areas and work groups closer, and just this week we have started bringing together two projects: Edutec and Seniorlab.

The ultimate goal of the Edutec team is to make programming available to everyone, but so far we have been primarily focused on kids and teenagers. Thus, this presents as a unique opportunity for us to see whether our experiences and tools also work with senior people, and so far are delighted to say they seem to work really well!

In our first presentation, we showed the seniors all of our tools and projects, and had them program a simple animation in Scratch, which they picked up immediately. The workshop had just started when they began pouring ideas of what they would use this new knowledge for.

Check it out for yourselves, at the Citilab, seniors can code too:

senior-13 senior-12 senior-11 senior-10 senior-09 senior-08 senior-07 senior-06 senior-05 senior-04 senior-03 senior-02 senior-01 senior-00