First List Ninja Contest

19 May 2015

We are launching the first S4A/Snap4Arduino List Ninja Contest as an effort to help newcomers learn their way towards prototyping mastery while rewarding those who offer their knowledge and expertise to them.

First List Ninja Contest

How do I participate?

Just register into our Community Mail List and start helping other members. Point to useful information, offer advice on their projects, share your solution to their problems, help them get started, etc.

What will I be earning?

The three most active users will be rewarded with three incremental prizes:

* You can choose your favourite t-shirt design and size

How will you choose the winners?

We will value not the amount of replies but also their quality.

Does this mean you won’t be offering you help anymore?

Not at all! We will continue to offer as much help as we can!

Our community mail list receives quite a lot of messages, and we try to reply to all of them, but we are a small and busy team and many of these questions end up unanswered. This contest is aimed at helping fill this gap and getting newcomers to feel supported by the community.

What’s the deadline?

We will be announcing the winners by the end of September, but we plan on launching similar contests often.

Will you ship internationally?

Of course.

What if a question is written in a language I don’t speak?

Don’t worry. We know this is an oddly multilingual list, which is why we will be looking at linguistic percentages when awarding the prizes.

Is this aimed at S4A, Snap4Arduino, or both?

Both. Weird list. We know.