Snap4Arduino 1.0.6 beta

01 Nov 2015

A long time has passed since the last post, and a lot has happened since then!

We officially presented Snap4Arduino at the 2015 European Scratch Conference in Amsterdam, along with some other projects (Snapi! and BeetleBlocks), and we’ve been trying to get this new release ready since then.

It’s been once again thanks to Ernesto Laval that we’ve been able to do so, since we weren’t able to compile the serial port plugin for Win32 and he managed in just an afternoon!

Long story short, here’s what’s new in this release:

We’re sorry about many contributions we have received that haven’t been included in this release. We first needed to get these changes applied, and now we have a clean base on which we can begin to add all of these improvements and bug fixes.

So, hopefully, we’ll get yet another release soon!

Thank you all for your patience!